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Monday, June 21, 2010

Name Game: O Names

Hey all! Did you miss me? More importantly did you miss "The Name Game"? Well, cry no more because it's back! YAY! Unfortunately my step-mom had her heart set on "Rosie" and won't let me help name the puppy. But! I like hearing your ideas so much and we are technically half way through the alphabet so I decided to keep it going in hopes of changing her mind. Or at least getting a say in what the puppy is called. So, on with the game.

Today's Letter: "O"

Female Names:
1. Olive (Have you guys ever seen "Little Miss Sunshine"? Well, if not you should because you'll know the reference. Anytime we don't know where the puppy is I want to be able to say, "Where's Olive." :) )
2. Olivia
3. Omega (Sounds like a boy's name I know, but I like it)
4. Olympus (like Mt. Olympus)

Male Names:
1. Ogre (yes, I want to name a puppy Ogre. Why? Because it sounds pretty darn cool in the dog park to shout, "Here Ogre!")
2. Oliver
3. Ollie
4. Octagon (my favourite shape in the world...don't ask me why, but it is)


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