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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Why am I showing you a picture of Rocco in his crate? Because this morning, just now, when I left the room to get a drink of water Rocco decided to go into his crate himself. When I came back into the room I was pleasantly surprised by the fact the Rocco was lying nicely in his crate. He was curled up, just looking at me. I was so proud of him! But of course He decided to get up and come over as soon as he saw the camera come out.


  1. Kyle has voluntarily gone in his crate a total of two times. My other dogs loved to escape to their crates. (Of course, I lived at home with tons of little siblings and cousins they probably wanted to hide from.) I just figure Kyle is comfortable enough in our home that he doesn't need his own hiding hole. Still, it is nice to see a puppy voluntarily curl up in their crate. Way to go Rocco!

  2. I was so happy because he used to Scream in his crate! :D


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