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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Name Game: L, M, and N Names

Hey Guys! I'm going to be away from my computer until Sunday evening so I am posting Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's Name Game all tonight because I'm leaving early in the morning.

Friday's Letter: "L"

Female Names:
1. Lavender
2. Lilac
3. Liza
4. Lorelei

Male Names:
1. Lenny
2. Lexmar
3. Lexington
4. London

Saturday's Letter: "M"

Female Names:
1. Mayflower
2. Marzipan
3. Mollie
4. Marnie

Male Names:
1. Munich
2. Monster
3. Muncie
4. Marmaduke

Sunday's Letter: "N"

Female Names:
1. Nala
2. Nellie
3. Nestle
4. Nutella

Male Names:
1. Ned
2. Nero
3. Nerdy
4. Napa


  1. I like Lilac and Lenny. Also Lexi, Luigi, and Lipton
    Mollie and Munich. Mac, Mario, and Mason
    Nala and Napa. Noel and Nuncio

  2. You're stretching on some of these! Nerdy. That's horrible!

  3. I needed another "N" name. :) And I did go to a classified "nerd" school. It's the only school I know of where when we would go out in a group and a piece of music would come on (classical mind you) we could name the time period, composer, and date of composistion. :) GASP! I forgot to add Mozart on my "M" names. He's definitely one of my favourites.

  4. Lilac & Lenny, Marnie & Munich, & Nestle & Nero. Also, Lancelot, Levi, Lola, Lulu, Macbeth, Maestro, Martini, Mochi, Mystic, Nikita, Ninja, Nova, & Nudge.


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