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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Name Game: C Names

Hey guys. Just a recap on the "rules." Vote on your favourite male and female name to help us name our new labradoodle puppy. Also, if you have a great name please add it in a comment in the proper letter post. You can post and vote on any letter post at any time. If we end up choosing a name that you posted then I'll think of a fitting prize.

Today's letter: "C"

Female Names:
1. Carla
2. Casey
3. Capri
4. Canada

Male Names:
1. Chase
2. Chaz
3. Chuckie
4. Caffeine


  1. Capri and Chase. I also like Caesar, Cashe, Chashmere, Chanel, Clover and Cricket.

  2. Capri and Chaz. The first GDB puppy I ever worked with was names Capri :)

  3. Capri graduated with Freya. They were both Dylan pups so I watched Capri as she went through all the phases.

  4. It was actually a different Capri that I worked with. She was CC'd before she even went back for training. Now I get to see her almost every month at our meetings.
    But it's great to know that Capri graduated. I saw her disappear from the phase report and wondered what happened!


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