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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey guys. This post is coming late in the day I know. I was going to post it in the morning, but I had to let Rocco digest his food because the poor boy just got to eat his dinner about 30 minutes ago. Why? Because we went to a baseball game! I LOVE baseball so I was very excited when my leader said I could take him as long as there were no fireworks. And since fireworks are only on Friday nights I could definitely take Rocco tonight. Seeing as I'm a little tired and ready to go to bed this is basically going to be a picture post. Let me just say that Rocco was AMAZING!
This is my player, John Bowker.
Yeah, he's amazing.

Love my boy's smiling face.

Especially love this picture.

I can't believe this shot. You can tell his tongue is always going.

Such a handsome boy.

Such a happy boy even in the heat.

I love his tongue. It flops everywhere.

Though sometimes it does stay in his mouth.

I just can't get over how handsome he is.

He's all smiles.

The Next star Grizzle? I don't know...

But he does look handsome in his hat.

Luckily no one was sitting next to us because Rocco wanted to stretch out in the heat. I snapped this picture then moved him because I didn't want his face to get stepped on.

Just sort of showing off how great my puppy is. Look at him ignoring those Garlic Fries. There was a point where he was facing them and it could have been easy for him just to jump at them, but he slept on. I'm so proud of him. Though the people moved them because they said it was tempting. I said he was more interested in the flies around it (flies and ants will be his downfall) they said that he might get them when I'm not looking. Did they think he wasn't on a leash?
Well, we ended up loosing pretty badly. We played well all through the game until the last two innings. The team seemed to loose hope or spirit or something. Oh well. It was still fun. AND since I know Rocco does so well we'll definitely be going again this summer.

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