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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Name Game: R Names

Do you ever find yourself at loss to what order the alphabet is? Honestly, I could not remember what letter came after "Q" so I sat at my computer singing my "ABC's" until I came to "R". I can already tell it's going to be a long day.

Today's Letter: "R"

Female Names:
1. Rosie (for my step-mom. I still don't think it's quite original for my taste. Neither do most of my friends.)
2. Raine
3. Rafaella
4. Rae

Male Names: (I have a lot of male "R" names. If you remember long ago the post where I listed all the names I wanted for Rocco. Rocco didn't show up once.)
1. Rafael (Oh San Rafael, how I do love thee.)
2. Rangi (This is a Maori word basically meaning "spiritual great one"...or something along that lines. It's hard to explain words from different languages that have to equivilent in English.)
3. Roul (This also happens to be my saxophone's name. Fun fact about Erin: I play 3 instruments, not too well, but still. And I sing...so 4.)
4. Red (For Canada's greatest hero! That Marvelous Masked Mystery Man known only as the Red Panda!)


  1. Rae & Rafael. I also like, Radar, Rebel, Russ, Rose, Renna, Ranger, Raven, Rhett, Ripple & Rogue. I don't like Rosie, it's way overused. :D

  2. Thank You! I keep telling her that! She says, "Find a dog named Rosie."


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