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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pictures of Puppy

For your dinning and viewing pleasure. Here are some recent pictures of Sorsha's litter. Their eyes aren't open yet, but they were so much more active yesterday than they were the first day I went to see them. They were moving everywhere and whining and starting to act like puppies. I wonder what they'll be like in another week.

I love it when puppies try to nurse on your finger. It's so cute.

The whole litter. They sure are cute.
Miss Cream Female is the one who is climbing all over the other pups.
I thought this was so cute. This is the Golden male next to one of his brothers.

I was helping clean out their pen so we had a basket of puppies.
That's our little cream female poking her head through two of her brothers.
A basket of puppies.
We were taking pictures of the puppies for her website and the puppies kept moving. I love this one of cream female. Though she darkened up so she's more of a mix between cream and golden.
Too cute!
Some close ups of her. But she was just moving and moving so it was hard to get a really good picture of her.
Ok, my parents are going between the Cream Female and the golden male. This is the one I want. She's one of the Chocolate Females.
She really is tiny. She's the runt of the litter. Every other puppy grew in size between last week and this week, but not so much her.
See? She's the one in the ribbon. And she's about half the size of the other puppies.
She's just adorable.
Here's the Golden Male. Of course he's a piddler...in fact all the males were piddlers.

Some pictures of Mama Sorsha. She's a really sweet dog and she's pretty. These pictures really don't do her justice.

Of course...If I could...
I'd take her.

She's so sweet and she's black. Unfortunately she's too old so I'd be in trouble with GDB.
Look for more pictures soon. I might go by tomorrow before puppy meeting or today after my hair appointment.

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  1. These puppies are way too cute! I just want to play with them. Thanks for sharing the cute pics. :)


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