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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Name Game: B Names

Female Names:
1. Buttercup (I love this name, but I'm at a loss to a nickname...Butter? Butterball?)
2. Bethany
3. Brynley (pronounced Brinley. It means "hill" in Welsh, but I really like the sound of it)
4. Beck

Male Names:
1. Baxter
2. Buster
3. Brinkley
4. Bobby


  1. I like Brynley and Brinkly. I'm also partial to Betsy, Bella, and Boaz :)

  2. Buttercup and Baxter. I also like, Blossom, Buck, and Brutus.

  3. I love that you two picked the two sets of my favourtie names. :)

    I love the name Bella, but our friends Todd and Jerub have a black standard poodle named Bella.


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