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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rocco goes hiking

So, I'm really hoping you'll be able to see these pictures because on my computer they're all a jumble of words. They're really cute pictures of Rocco on our hiking trip last Thursday. He did so well. He loved smelling all the trees and flowers and seeing all the different bugs. He really likes bugs. He even got to splash around in the stream. He really loved it! So, I've been trying to convince my dad to let me buy a kiddie swimming pool, one of those plastic wading ones, so that Rocco and Arwen can splash around. Both are retrievers so both really love water.

Since I live in CA there are a lot of places to hike. And since I live about 3 hours from all major hiking areas and 1 hour away from not so major hiking areas we were able to find a pretty little trail.


  1. That looks like a really fun hike! Those are some great photos! Rocco is SO handsome- I love his coloring and big black nose :) Don LOVES his kiddie pool, especially on hot days. I'd recommend getting one of the hard plastic ones as oppose to the soft plastic, because Don tore his up really easily. Those last two photos are adorable. Rocco looks pretty exhausted!

  2. Yeah, he slept the whole way back! And he was pretty much tired for the rest of the day. LOL! :) He really likes things like nature and hiking and all that stuff.

    I love his colouring too! I'm going to post some pictures of his back and tail and feet. He's litterally 5 colours! :)


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