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Friday, June 4, 2010

Puppy Truck!

Hey everyone! I love, love, love it when the puppy truck comes through. I get my puppy fix and I get to see all the names. One of my favourite things about GDB puppies is guessing the names and seeing what kind of names are out there.
For those of you who aren't GDB puppy raisers, the puppy truck may sound like an awful thing. I know when I first started I thought, "How awful!" But it's really not. At least, it's not unless you have a puppy returning for formal training. Then it's the most evil thing in the world. I remember when Freya was getting to that age to go back my group received two puppy truck puppies in a row and of course I went to greet them both times. When the truck would drive off I said, "Good-bye! Don't ever come back!" LOL. Freya didn't end up going on the puppy truck.
I'm rambling again. So today the puppy truck came through. Our group didn't get a puppy but I went anyway to see all the ones on the truck. That, and I wanted to see the Golden Retriever pup that the other group was getting. Mary (not that Mary, the other group in town's leader's name is also Mary) was getting a new Golden because her boy Mascot just left for breeder evaluation. He's a gorgeous golden and I wish him well.
I knew that the letter was "P" because they showed little Pearl off at Freya's graduation. She was a doll and I was just betting this one was too.
Before Mr. P got off the truck we had to put Townsend on...HAHA. I bet you thought he was going back for training huh? Nope! He was going down to another club for a week to see if Judy (you remember Judy. The one who's so good at fixing dogs' problems) could fix his relieving issue. I hope she can. I really like him.
Then of course, it was time for Mr. P. Have you all thought of some names? Well, Mary received Preston! Isn't that cute! He's such a doll and so small. He had a hind shoulder shave mark and that means he was one of the smallest males.
There's Mary with her new little one.

A close up of the little guy!

Oh, he's just too cute.

He's trying to play with Hilton. Hilton and Hobbs are the two youngest (well not anymore) dogs in the other group. Look at the difference in size.
There's Mary getting a puppy fix with Preston. :) She didn't want to raise another golden after Colorado because she likes him too much, but I think she's changed her mind.

After I greeted him I went on the truck. Judy's group is getting two puppies today. They're probably there right now! They got a "L" Vintage puppy. Vintage is Harvard's mother. So Mary was very excited to see the "L" puppies. They're also getting a starter "R" black male. We found out that they were receiving Leroy (Cute huh?) and Royce (I really like this one. My sophomore chemistry teacher's name was Mrs. Royce and I really liked her.) I also got a peek at Leroy's sister, Lizbeth, and Preston's sister, Praline. I LOVE the name Praline. She was sooooo cute. I had half a mind to switch Rocco in for her. :)

This is Praline. She's so cute and so sweet.

We also got to see the proud Career Change dogs. One of them happened to be a littermate to Alonzo of the other group. I like Alonzo. Angelo was CC'd because of a cataract.

Here's the Career Changed dogs. Angelo is the yellow lab and Nisha is the black one. You can barely see the leg of Olympia, a yellow lab. She was very pretty.


  1. I raised a Vintage puppy a couple years ago. Spanky was a Domingo/Vintage puppy. He was a great boy. . . when he wanted to be. :D He taught me a lot.

  2. Cute pictures! Love the golden pups : ) Glad you fund my blog. If you ever get a chance I would love to hear more about how Rockford is doing. I love Rafferty so much and have heard other pups in the litter are just as amazing. Thanks!


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