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Monday, June 28, 2010

Name Game: V Names

Down to V names are we? We're getting down to the end of the alphabet. So keep posting those names for me! I'm still trying to convince my step-mom that Rosie is an overused name so I need spectacular suggestions.

Today's Letter: "V"

Female Names:
1. Vera
2. Vibrant
3. Veni
4. Valentine

Male Names:
1. Valor
2. Viggo
3. Vince
4. Valiant


  1. I haven't voted for a while...

    The best on your list are Vibrant and Vince. V is a hard letter though. What about Vail? If you still want a Harry Potter themed name, there's always Voldemort. :)

    Have you seen the puppies recently? I bet they are hardly recognizable by now.

  2. I haven't. I was going to go by last week, but the day I could go she was busy and from Thursday until today I've been so busy! Today I'm taking it slow, but I'm going to call her to see if she;ll be in tomorrow so I can go see them. They're 3 weeks old now! :) You're probably right, I won't be able to recognize them. I'm sure they're giving Mama Sorsha a run for her money about now.

  3. Vera and Viggo. How about Veggie (for Vegetarian, lol), Viper, Voodoo, Velcro, or Vroom (LOL). V is hard.


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