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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Pool

I bought Rocco a kiddie pool Today because summer finally came to the valley! I can't believe how hard it was to find a place that sold little kiddie pools. At first we went to Target then Lowes and then Walmart! When I fell in Walmart because of a large puddle I decided to call it a morning and go home. Rocco did really well when I fell though. I have a "bad hip" because of a car accident I was in last year so when I landed on that hip I had a little trouble getting up. Rocco came over to me and didn't try to lick me or play with me. He just stood there and allowed me to use him and a support to get up. If he decides not to be a Guide Dog he might be a great candidate for a Companion Dog. Anyway, pictures for you. I tried to upload a video, but it wouldn't load for some reason.

He needed a little coaxing to get in the pool at first. He thought it was going to be a bath.
After he got used to it he loved it. He walked all around the pool in circles.
Arwen didn't really have much interest in the pool besides getting a refreshing drink.
He would paw the water to get his kong and his jug. I think he really loved it.

He's sleeping now which is good for me because I have yoga tonight. He can't go, not because the teacher doesn't like him. It's quite the opposite really. The only reason he wouldn't be allowed is because she was worried that someone might be allergic.

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  1. I love the swirly design on your pool! I had the same trouble last year with finding a baby pool. I waited until too late in the season, and all the stores had sold out. So this year, I bought one as soon as they hit the stores.


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