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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Name Game: K Names

Rocco and I are going on a hike today and then it's straight off to puppy meeting...well, maybe with enough time for a bath before the meeting. So, since I'm not going to really be home much of today here is your name game for the day.

Today's Letter: "K"

Female Names:
1. Kit (I listen to this great Canadian podcast called Decoder Ring Theatre and there's a show called the Red Panda. The Red Panda's sidekick is the Flying Squirrel and her "secret identity" is Kit Baxter. You should all check out their podcast if you like old fashioned radio shows. Go to your iTunes store under podcasts and type in Decoderring Theatre. It's Free!)
2. Katia
3. Kendra
4. Keira

Male Names:
1. Kellogg
2. Keeper (LOVE Harry Potter! I would name it beater after Fred and George, but that sounds vicious)
3. Kasper
4. Kelso


  1. I like Kit and Kellogg. I also love the name Kermit, like Kermit the frog!

  2. Kit & Kelso! Also, Kiwi, Klondike, Kosmo, and Kita.

  3. I'm also casting a vote for Kit. I like Keeper because of the Harry Potter reference. Kyle casts a vote for his name but you can ignore him. Kyle has a brother named Kermit. K is a hard letter. It's a good thing I didn't name Kyle's litter...

  4. I'm so glad you all like Kit. That's my favourtie "K" name.


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