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Thursday, June 17, 2010


It occurs to me that I rarely talk about my puppy meetings and my puppy group. So instead of telling you all about my hiking trip with Rocco today, I'm going to talk about my group.

Today was a very special puppy meeting. At least, it was special for me.
My group is comprised of 8 wonderful puppies and their raiser. There's Winston, a yellow lab male Jenkins/Bubbles puppy who is one of my personal favourites. Probably because his raiser and I shared a room during Fun Day last year and Winston and I got really close. Then there's Tomales, a black lab male Bingham/Raven puppy. He's a great puppy but he can be a little naughty. Then there's Colorado a male golden retriever CCI Zorba/Garcelle puppy. I love him! But I love Goldens. Royalty is a female Atrus/Indiana puppy. She's a black lab so of course I love her. Then there's Rockford. He's a yellow lab male Samuel/Sarita puppy and he and Rocco could be twins. Next up is Amici. He's a black lab male Cabby/Robin puppy. He's so mellow and sweet and I really like him. Then is Kendrick who is just about 2 weeks younger than Amici. He's a yellow lab male Dutch/Gracie puppy. He's quite the sweetheart. Then there's my puppy Rocco.

You might have noticed that this blog post is titled "Townsend" and yet you did not hear me mention a Townsend yet.

Last June we received three new puppies. This was a joy for me because our consisted of Freya and Harvard for the longest time until finally we got Winston. Then these three puppies, Tomales and Townsend (yes they're brothers) and Colorado. I immediately fell in love with the little one named Townsend. Now this is not something that I have ever said to anyone, but I figure it is right to mention it now. Townsend was my favourite of the three new pups. That's really impressive for Townsend seeing as Colorado came with him and I'm a big Golden Retriever person. But no, I fell head over heals for the little black lab. And I say little because it wasn't until recently that he started to fill out. He's always been lanky and thin.
Well, the reason that could not mention Townsend in the list of puppies is because he was just Career Changed. He never went off to "doggie college" but it was determined that he wasn't happy working and that it was no longer fair for us to ask him to do something that made him stressed and nervous. I was very sad when I heard the news so I can't even imagine what his raisers were going through. I even started to cry...and when someone asked me about my group I said, "Well, my group has 9...8 puppies." I again started to cry.

So that is why today was a special puppy meeting. It was Townsend's first meeting as a pet. Yes, his raisers decided to keep him on as a pet. He was so happy and so relaxed. It was great to see him so happy and carefree. So I make him up a goodie bag. He got some of my homemade treats because he's a pet now and can have biscuits. And I made some cupcakes for the group.
If you can't read what these say it's, "PROUD TO BE A CAREER CHANGE"
This one (or should I say these?) says "WE <3>
Here are some pictures of Townsend from tonight and from earlier. I wish I could find this one picture I was sure I had of him. I had him one weekend and he wound up on the bog bed in my room on top of one pillow and the other one over his head. He was so cute and yes, while Freya was with me she had her bed, her two pillows, and a blanket.
A birthday celebration for dogs in the Visalia group and our group. We had about 6 turn one about the same time. (Townsend is on the left. He's the smiling pup)
The two brothers turning away from each other.
Here is one from tonight. Right after the meeting so he was panting because it was so hot.
He looks so happy.
He really is a cute boy. I really, really like him.
So, even though Townsend is no longer a puppy in training I still feel he's a part of this group. I'm sure everyone does. And now, it's time for my dirty little secret. Besides Winston (because he and I have spent quality time together) Townsend was my favourite puppy in training. That's including Royalty and Colorado. I love, love, love Royalty but there was something about Townsend. Anyway, that's my dirty little secret. I don't really have "favourites" but Townsend come uber close. :)


  1. Hehehe.... I'm glad to see that my club isn't the only group who has celebrations for dogs with cupcakes (complete with words on them, too)!

    I really want to meet Kendrick at some point. From everything I hear about him from people in your club, he is a lot like his brother Kyle. That means he must be an incredible dog.

    I have to admit, Kyle is my favorite in my club. You could line up all the puppies in the club and let me pick one to raise, and I'd pick him. Just like Kendrick, he is an absolute sweetheart. Top that with his intelligence and great manners, and he is hard to beat. I guess it's a good think he's mine!

    Good luck to Townsend in his new career as a pet! That is an important job too!

  2. LOL! Well, I wasn't adding Rocco into the equation. Ok, besides Rocco and Winston. Townsend is my favourite. :)

  3. Erin, I knew what you meant. I just have to tease. :)

  4. Shhh, I won't tell Colorado that Townsend is your favorite :-) Your right, there is definitely something very special about Townsend, he's such a sweet boy and deserves to have such a wonderful home!


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