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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Name Game: W Names

I love the letter W. Why? Well, I'm not too sure. It could be because my grandpa(also known as Pawpop) pronounced it "doubleya" or it could be because no matter the name it looks like two v's not two u's.

Female Names:
1. Winifred
2. Waterloo
3. Welsh
4. Wednesday

Male Names:
1. Westminster
2. Wiremu (a Maori name. You all remember how much I love Maori names?)
3. Wilson
4. Winston (yay Winston!)


  1. I have a friend named Winifred, ha ha. I like Wedensday and Wilson. How about Waldo, Wasabi, Warrior, Willow, Wonton, Wrangler, or Wizard.

  2. Welsh and Winston. I also really like Wrangler!


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