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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend/First Eval

So, since I'm a picture fiend this is going to be a picture post of our weekend.

This is Rocco in the Car. He's such a good boy. After Desconso Gardens he was so tired so he slept the whole back to the apartment.
Rocco and my step-dad Jesse. I think those two really like each other.
Rocco loves playing with Jesse. Even first thing in the morning.
Jesse only ever had cats as a kid, so he likes playing with the puppies. I've decided that as soon as my mom and Jesse get a house I'll buy them a Golden Retriever puppy.
We were trying to get a good picture of them like this, but I didn't have much luck. Rocco wanted to play.
So we let Rocco play for a little.
I don't know what it is, but every puppy I have brought likes to chew on Jesse's arms. Freya was the worst, but she didn't mouth anyone else. Weird.
Is Rocco trying to smile like Jesse or is he trying to grab his arms?
Rocco unfortunately messed up Jesse's hair and got puppy slobber all over his ears and face. So we had to wait until everyone was washed up before we went to dinner.This is a little later after we gave my mom her presents.
Rocco is such a handsome boy.These pine cones were giant. Rocco tried to jump up and snag one of them.
Ok, Rocco really likes flowers. He was smelling a really pretty flower so I decided to get a picture, but as soon as I took the picture...CHOMP! He also likes to eat flowers. I have a picture of him at 12 weeks old in front of these same flowers. He's really grown.
This was one of many ponds at Desconso Gardens.
Silly Momma forgot my water dish. Good thing Grandma always brings water. ~Rocco
I love this picture of him!
Here we are in front of the Boddy House. Just so you guys know, this is where I'm going to have my wedding. I've decided...now all I need is a man...
Mr. Serious. We found this great place in the shade. He plopped right down.He's just so happy.
Another one of Rocco's favourite flowers. Here he's actually sniffing the flower. Though I'm pretty sure he did try to eat one of these too.
I think he's just so pretty.
Look at that tongue!
I love his intrigued face.
This is a really pretty gazebo. You can't really see the whole thing, but trust me. It's pretty.
Standing next to a pond in the shade. It was a hot day.
There was this really cool bridge so I decided to get a lot of pictures.
He was so interested by all of the things around him. It was hard to get a picture of him looking at the screen.
But we did it! And this is by far my favourite picture of the day.
His little intrigued face again. He's showing off his "stay" command.
I love seeing how he's grown. I have a great picture of him almost exactly like this, but he looks so much older here.

That was basically our weekend. We went to Portos twice and to a great Vegan restaurant. He stayed home with Jesse and Mom and I went salsa dancing. He was a gem the whole weekend. To wrap up our weekend of Salsa lessons and Desconso Garden and bra shopping we hurried home fore our first eval. We met up with Mary and Jim only 10 minutes late after a long 3 hour journey. Rocco did great during the eval. Jim said that his leash walking was great, but we need to work on his puppy handling more. Which means 3 a day now. Funny story. For those of you who have ever had a eval before you know that Jim asks what food he's on and how much he eats. Well, when he asked this I said 1 1/2 cups twice a day. At the same time Mary said 2 1/4 cups twice a day. Uh-Oh! When we were transitioning him off of lunch I apparently was supposed to be adding that back into his breakfast and dinner. I didn't get that memo. Jim smiled and laughed at us. We had been talking about how he seems more excited to eat when he's at Mary's house. I suppose we know why now. :) So I'm slowly adding 1/4 cup a day. Yesterday he got 1 3/4 cup so he's on 2 cups today and should be up to the proper amount of food by tomorrow.
Well, I'll have more for you later today.
Happy Tails!
Raiser Erin and Rocco

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  1. Great pics of Rocco. I love that he sniffs flowers. It is too cute.
    I have my first evals with Kyle Thursday. I'm sure that more puppy handling would probably do him well too.


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