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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pet Sitter?

Hey All! Today I became a surprise sitter for a Beagle named Bentley. Rocco is off at Mary's since I had to help with strike last night and I couldn't take down sets and lights with him. So when a Beagle ran up to me and Arwen on our morning walk just now, I didn't think twice about taking Arwen off leash (she's great at stopping when I tell her too, when there isn't a little kid around. She LOVES kids) and attaching it to Bentley. When he was secured I called the number on his tags, but no luck. So he went on a walk with Arwen and me. He was really fun and loved to run. So my morning walk became a morning run. :) When I got home I mapquested the address on his tag and got ready to take him home. I live in a circle in a bigger circle so it was quite easy to find his house. No one answered the door though. Just as I was about to turn around and go home I heard, "Bentley!" I gave him back to the woman who was apparently sitting the house while her son was in the Bahamas. Bentley had gotten out when her ex-husband came to do the lawn work. She was so happy when he was back in her arms.

I love seeing owner and pet reunited. It happens to the best of us. Arwen got out once because the back gate at my old didn't latch properly. So I understand when it happens. Unless it happens all the time. There was this one dog at my old house that would find me once a week on my walk. I don't know how many times I took him back to his owners before I finally said, "Close your gate and make sure it's latched. Because next time I see him he's going to the "No Kill" shelter that I work at to find a home with owners who actually care about whether or not he gets hit by a car!" The next day I saw his owners taking him for a walk. They said that he just had a lot of energy and needed something like a walk everyday and that they had latched the gate. The only thought that was going through my head was, "DUH!"

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