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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey everyone! Last night was the wedding ceremony and Rocco did awesome! He was part of the processional and he laid down in the grass and behaved (mostly) through the whole ceremony. He did try to rub off his Halti as my brother was doing his reading and of course he waited until I dropped the leash and stepped on it to do this. He did great at the reception too! He laid next to me and ate his dinner as I ate my dinner and downed a few virgin Margaritas. I'm not a big drinker, but my brother makes some killer drinks. He's a bartender. I was actually a little sad that I was unable to partake in the margaritas...and the wine. We grow some great grapes for wine here. But I pretty much stood around eating cupcakes and ended up waking up with a sugar hangover. So I guess it all balanced out if you know what I mean.
You'll have to indulge me for just a second while I show you some pictures of people.

This is Me, my Brother, and his Girlfriend. My hair is a little out of place but Astrid looks, as always, gorgeous. Darn Swedes. There here visiting. Unfortunately she has to go back on Tuesday.

That me and my cousin Thad. He's an amazing dancer. I love it when he teaches me how to swing.
Me and my cousin Pace. I've never actually seen the family resemblance between the two of us, but I kind of do in this picture. What do you think?
Me and Em. Emily was my hero when I was a kid...still kind of is. She's about 5 years older than me.
Ok, so now on to the doggie pictures. We had professional pictures taken as well. I'm hoping to get some on my computer so you can see the professional picture of me and Rocco. HAHA. Everyone was taking pictures with their dates and the photographer (a family friend) called me over and said he wanted to get a picture of me and my baby. :) I think he uses one of my head shots from about a year ago in his office, but I'm not sure.

There we are. Me in my bridesmaid's dress and him in his bow tie. Can you see it?

I really love this picture of Rocco! Now, if any of you follow Paris' (a recently CC'd Guide Dog Puppy) blog you have to help me decide something. I think this picture make Rocco look a little like Paris. What do you think?

Another great picture of Rocco! He's so photogenic. I'm so jealous.
That's my bouquet. Rocco wanted to eat it.
He got a little fidgety towards the end. It's like a child who gets really hyper when they're really tired. So we took a walk around Storyland. (see note about this at the bottom)
He even got to get on the dance floor with me.

Rocco really did great! I actually broke a lot of rules with him last night which is not something I do often. Ask anyone who knows me, I'm a stickler for rules. I allowed him to dance with me. Like, I held his paws and we slow danced. I also really wasn't strict about where he was supposed to stand or things like that. We even ran a little. But he did amazing. He was ready to go to bed when we got home last night. I can always tell when he's tired because instead of not wanting to go into his kennel he rushes towards it before I get the leash off. I think he enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere last night. He got lots of love and lots of complements.

Now about that picture on the little wheel. We didn't actually play on, but I thought it was a cool photo moment so I stuck him up there for a second. Now, I recently learned that I'm not supposed to let him on the playground meant for kids...oops. :/ That first time he went down a slide it wasn't by my choice you see. I was going to take him up the two stairs (not two flights, but two stairs) and then back down. I thought it would be good practice for Rocco because it was a weird surface. He loved it. In fact he's the one who thought, "Hey! Cool! What's this do!?" He went down the slide first, so I didn't force him. But I;m not suppose to take him on it again. I told him that he wasn't allowed to do it again and he really looked sad. Oh, well.

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