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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Postcard from Freya

Dear Blog Readers,

Momma emailed me a my new partner yesterday to ask if we had any trouble getting home. We didn't really have any trouble per say, but there were some difficulties. Our first plane from SFO was delayed for two hours because of maintenance. Because of this we missed our flight out of the Dallas Fort Worth airport. But it was all ok because they re booked us right away. My partner praised me after the fact because I led him through DFW like I had been there before. I had heard Momma complain about Dallas Fort Worth before, but I never knew why. There were a lot of people and so many terminals. But I didn't get lost! I'm one up on my momma as of right now.

The flights themselves weren't that bad. They booked us in bulkhead seats so I had plenty of room to stretch out and sleep. Which is what I did most of the time. My partner says I travel just like a professional.

We had a four hour lay over in Dallas so I was allowed out of security to go to the doggie reliving area. There's an area by all of the terminals for dogs to relieve. They are all equipped with wood chips and a huge fire hydrant. But those places are for dogs who aren't trained professionals. So as a good Guide Dog I relieved on the pavement.
We finally got home 10:30 central time. It was such a long day! But I'm looking forward to more plane adventures.
I'm loving the new apartment. I already know how to get my partner from the mailbox, trash area, and my relieving area back to the apartment. I'm really liking my new family and my place. Today is my partner's first day back at work and of course I'm going with him. He says that I'm going to love it and that his office mates will love how well mannered I am.

I've attached some pictures for you all to enjoy!

That's me and my partner. We're going back to the apartment. You see that yellow thing on my harness? That's a sign that says, "Ignore me. I'm a working Guide Dog." My partner keeps telling me how pretty I am and when Momma saw me she couldn't stop telling me how good I looked. I guess that's why I need one of these. It's to keep people from petting the pretty dog.

That's me in their Volvo station wagon. It's funny how similar my two families are. When Momma first got me my Uncle Greg had just returned from a year abroad in Sweden and whenever we passed a Volvo he would shout, "VOLVO!" :) Now I'm riding in one.

I'm sleeping on the plane. You can she than my handle is off. GDB has harnesses with removable handles for things like planes and buses, because it's kind of annoying have that thing stick up in the air.


  1. What a great post! How lucky you are to get pictures from Freya's partner. It looks like she is enjoying life as a guide dog. What a pretty girl she is! I can see why she'd need a "don't pet me" sign.

    Looking forward to hearing hearing more about Freya's life with her new partner!

    ~Lauren and Don

  2. I'm so proud to see Freya is doing so well!


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