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Monday, June 7, 2010

Name Game: A Names

I promise this is my last post of the day.

So, I've decided to do a little name game. But it will be a little different than guessing the name. Since I haven't gotten to name a puppy in a long time I'm pretty excited about naming this one. So, my name game is this. Everyday I am going to post 4 female name and 4 male names (we're debating on getting the male Golden) of the same letter. Then you, my readers, get to vote on which one you like best. And if you have any names (that start with the appropriate letter) then please go ahead and add them. If we end up choosing a name you added...I don't know...I'll make some homemade Peanut Prizes for your dog and send them to you. Or, if all you have is a GDB pup, then you can choose an approved toy.

By the time this is all over we'll have chosen the name.

Today's Letter: "A"

Female names:
1. Aberdeen
2. Aurora
3. Allspice
4. Addie

Male Names:
1. Aiden
2. Asher
3. Angelo
4. Astro


  1. I like Aurora and Asher, those are good golden names. I also like Axle, Apache, Athena and Aspen.

  2. I like Addie and Aiden, but I am partial to human names for dogs. I used to hate it until I got Betsy ;)
    I also really like Aspen, Arrow, and Acorn!


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