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Friday, June 25, 2010

Postcard from Freya

Hey Everyone!

My partner and I just got back from a four day business trip to Pennsylvania. He says that everyone at the site was impressed with my good Guide Dog manners.

The return trip was hard though. Our flight was delayed for 2 hours because it was late getting in from Buffalo. Then it broke down after we taxied (yeah, I know flight terminology now) away from the terminal but, thankfully, before we took off. When it was determined that the plane couldn't be fixed the airline announced that we were now going to be boarding on a plane that was arriving in Terminal C. We were in Terminal A so we had a long was to go to get to our new plane. Now, I wanted to get there first so we walked fast. Everyone around us was using the moving sidewalks and escalators, but my partner and I used the regular floor and stairs. We still got there first. I got a treat from the bait bag for being such a good girl. I was glad when the whole thing was over though. Let me tell you, as soon as I got to a place to go potty and my partner let me I took it. 10 hours without a potty break!

I've started to sleep in the bed with my partner. At first I waited until he was asleep until I got up because I wasn't too sure how he would like it. I don't think he minded too much because he kept letting me do it without putting me on a tie down at night.

This is a picture of me and my partner at the army site we were inspecting. I'm really enjoying travelling with him.

I love my job as a Guide Dog. GDB made a great match for me because he loves my serious, good manners but he also allows me to be silly. And he likes to sit on the floor with me.

That's all for now!


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  1. What a nice letter home. It must be so great being able to hear how Freya is doing as a working guide, and see what she's been up to. I love reading these posts! It really shows how GDB makes the perfect matches and how strong the partnership between guide dog and partner is. Freya sounds like an amazing guide dog; what a good girl!


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