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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Right

Hey everyone! It's Raiser Erin without Rocco for the moment. A really bad cold or a mild flu hit me last night and Mary was good enough to take Rocco on such short notice. I wouldn't have asked, but I could barely move last night and all I wanted to do was sleep. So Rocco wasn't getting any energy out and I was afraid that I would fall asleep and forget to let him out to relieve himself or forget to put him in his kennel and he would get into something in my room or end up on my bed for the night. It's not like I'm dying I'm so sick, but it would have been hard to deal with him last night and early this morning while I was still having trouble moving from lying down to a sit up position. But I'm feeling a little better this morning and I'm hoping that I'll be ok by 2:00pm or so. That way I can pick up Rocco and Mary won't have to deal with him tomorrow because poor Colorado is losing him manhood tomorrow.
But this isn't really what this post is about. I figure I have time to do this this morning because I'm staying home from school because I don't want to get the actors sick. That's the last thing we need with opening night tomorrow and because Rocco isn't with me.

When I first saw Freya with her new partner I knew he was her person. They were just right for each other and I was so happy. But I had no idea that he would be just right for me. As a first time raiser who fell in love with her first dog I've been having trouble getting over the fact that she's not mine anymore. I worked so hard with her and she became the best dog in the world. There were night I actually hoped those bow legs of hers were a sign of hip dysplasia or something else so I could have her back. I really am glad that she made it though. And I don't really have to worry about not ever seeing her again because her partner is the best person in the world. He sent me a second set of pictures and told me about her first day at work and how well she was adjusting to being a real Guide Dog. They got to vote yesterday in the Alabama primary and all of the people in his office were so impressed with Freya's good manners. I'm so happy that I have these pictures. He is not only the right person for my puppy, but he's just right for me. :)

Freya leading her new partner up the stairs to either his office, apartment, or voting booth. I'm not too sure.

She's got quite the set up in his office. She's got her mat, a kong, and a busy body. I'm not sure what this last one is, but I'm guessing it's that pink thing next to her. He says that she's great at work.

Well, that's all for now. I'm very happy that Freya's doing such a great job. Mary finally got around to changing our website last night and Freya is now among the proud. Her name and attached page got moved from "Dogs in Formal Training" to "Graduates"! It's so great to see! Check it out.


~Raiser Erin


  1. How cool! I hope their partnership continues to work out well!

  2. That's awesome! I feel the same way about Fuller's partner, she isn't just perfect for her she is perfect for me too. I love it! She looks so happy and spoiled, what a perfect pair!

  3. Glad to hear it's going well!
    Hope you feel better :)


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