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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Dog Ever

You all know that I'm going away for school in about a month and a half right? Well, my room is in a bit of a disaster area. It look like a tornado hit my room and nothing else in the house. Does the fact that I have to spend a lot of time doing this make Rocco sad? Of course not! He's doing exceptionally well with having to sleep and stay in my room as I sort, pack, and throw away.

Here are some pictures of what my room looks like right now.

And what is Rocco doing during this whole thing? Pretty much this.

He's such a good boy and he's not getting into anything. Not clothes, dirty or clean, scraps of paper, and gum wrappers. He's just sleeping on his bed. I'm hoping to be pretty much done with the sorting by tomorrow afternoon and have my room clean enough to vacuum Thursday morning, but we'll see how that goes. Rocco's being good, but he still needs some attention.

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  1. That must be so having to pack all your stuff. I always have the hardest time deciding whether to keep something or throw it out! I am not looking forward to that when I head off to college in 4 years :)

    What a good boy Rocco is!!


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