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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Interesting New Devolpement

Hey guys! Nothing really interesting happened today. Rocco and I went to church which is something that I don't do very often. I'm not too religious, but I enjoy taking the puppies because it's a good experience for them and I do like being able to sit there in church in silence and contemplate my week ahead. I try to think of things I need to improve on and how I can make that happen. I also love taking my puppies to Buddhist meetings with my mom and step-dad because you never know who they're going to end up with right? But enough of my very mixed religious background.

Rocco and I ended up going to Borders again. I like the fact that I can sit in the cafe and read with little distraction. Of course everyone wants to know about him and what I do so I usually spend about 30 minutes answering questions and the rest of the time reading. Today though, Rocco decided he was afraid? intrigued? of/by the trash can rolling buy. I noticed this yesterday when he sat straight up when he heard it, but he couldn't see it so he settled quickly. But today we were sitting in a different place and he would not settle. I'm still not sure if he's afraid of them because he tried to run right toward it. He sat up and bolted, but unlike the clapping he didn't bolt for the door. He tried to get to the trash can. I don't know what he would have done if he had got it but he was definitely not acting like himself. I'm thinking of going back tomorrow and when the person comes by we'll walk up to it and I'll let him sniff it. We'll see what's up with him eventually.

Anyway, don't forget to stop by my name game to guess the new little guy's name. Click here: A Good Old Fashioned GDB Name Game


  1. Erin, Colorado and I could meet you at the bookstore. It might be a good idea for Rocco to see that Coli is not interested in the trash can, so just in case he's scared he's got Colorado to help him through it.

  2. I like taking Don to church, too. It's such a great outing for him, with all the kids and music and such. It really tires him out too (a definite plus!). Don and I were just at Border's today, practicing ignoring the food on the floor :) Good luck in helping Rocco get over his fear. I love it when dogs help other dogs through their fears- this has always helped with Don.

  3. I'm not sure if he is scared of it. LOL! I think he wants to chase it. :) He's so funny and so hard to read sometimes. I'd love it if Colorado could come and help him get over this new little quirk.


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