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Friday, July 9, 2010

Today's Adventures

One of the wonderful things about this job (I do consider Puppy Raising a job even if I don't get paid) is that I get to meet such wonderful people. Funnily enough most of these wonderful people are not blind or visually impaired. But I have met my fair share. Today, Mary and I helped out a blind lady who is also in a wheel chair. I absolutely love her Guide Dog Darwin. He's so sweet and so gentle and you can tell he's in love with her.

Anyway, we went grocery shopping this morning and helped her put them away and emptied the garbage and cleaned the litter box and cleaned out her fridge. It was a lot of fun! I really like seeing working guides in action especially wheelchair guides. Now, Mary's going to kill me for telling you guys this, but there was a really funny incident involving emptying the trash. After getting back to this blind lady's place my job was to basically make sure Rocco and Colorado didn't get in the way. So I watched them decide where to put things in the fridge and decide what to throw out. Well, the trash can got pretty full so they decided to empty it. Mary tried and tried but she couldn't get the trash bag out. So both of them were pulling on the can and pulling on the trash bag and they finally got it out. There's got to be a joke in there somewhere. One of those "how many blonds..." jokes.
This is Darwin.

Isn't he cute? Yes, yes he is. And he's sweet too.

At one point Mary and Darwin's partner walked (well Mary walked) to Rite Aide and left me in charge of the dogs because it was too hot for them to walk. Darwin sat like this, staring at the door for most of the time. The other 1/4 of the time he was sitting in my lap. :)

That was my adventure of the day. Rocco did great and he wasn't scared of her wheelchair at all. I think he and Darwin became really good friends too!

Anyway, for Maddie and Meghan here is basically what you will be getting. Of course it'll be your dog, not mine.

This is what I call "Freya's Corner". It's on my desk and I have...well, pictures of Freya. The hand done one in the middle is what you two will be getting. This was Freya at about 6 months I would say. It was done by my good friend and she's agreed to do pictures of your pups. Meghan, I still have not received your pictures. No pressure or anything, but just in case you sent them and I didn't get them at least now we all know. Again, my email is EllaBella2010@gmail.com or you could send it to dramaqueenEEA92@gmail.com Maddie, if you think of a picture better for this since you know what it is now please sent it. :)


  1. Darn, I did send them, I'll try again. . . And Darwin was raised in my club, I got to puppy sit him when he was 5 months and again at 10 months old and he was a wonderful puppy. Small world, we were all so proud of him for becoming a wheelchair guide, Even if it took nearly 2 years of training for that to happen. That's a great drawing I can't wait to see mine. :D

  2. Darwin is such a great name! That's really cool how he is a wheelchair guide, it must be amazing to watch him work.

  3. If your friend can do drawing with a picture that has both of them it is I would love it! But if it is going to be too hard just let me know and I'll send you different pictures! I am so excited(:

  4. Meghan, I looked in my inboxes again and there is still nothing from you. It is very odd.

  5. It is rather a small world. I love watching Darwin at work. He's such a good boy! Whoever raised him did a wonderful job!


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