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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phase Report and Name Game

Ok guys we are so close to my goal of getting at least 100 comments on the Name Game not including mine. I have posted 10 comments myself so we only need 11 more. Head on over there if you have a brilliant idea for an L male name!

Also, anyone out there know what "phase 0" is?


  1. From what I understand, phase 0 is all the medical checks. Dogs aren't put into a training string until they pass their medical checks.

  2. One of the trainers came and talked to our puppy club. She said Phase 0 is basically getting the dog used to the kennels and making sure the dog learns its a fun place (through playtime, for instance). Like Amanda said, it's also the medical checks. After phase 0 they get put into a training string.

  3. Yes, my leader sent me the new training phases as soon as I posted this. :) it's basically phase 1 but now it's phase 0. And they're only going up to phase 8 now instead of 10.


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