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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tomales Tackles the Stairs

Ok, so as a puppy raiser you see all kinds of dogs. Even in my short 2 years and 2 months in being involved with GDB I have seen my fair share of puppies with issues. Heck! One dog when I first started was a yellow lab who was scared of other yellow labs. Seriously, he still is. Anway, as the title suggests this post is more about Tomales (Towsend's brother) than about Rocco. Tomales has this thing with open stairs; he doesn't like them. Since he's going back for formal training soonish it was high time he got over his fear of open stairs. I've always found it funny that he's scared of these stairs because he's "Mr. Ego" :) Anyway, Mary has been taking him to a few open stairs around town everyday. She has been letting him think that it's him that's deciding to go up these stairs. So on Saturday when she took Tomales I asked if Rocco and I could tag along. Rocco has never been up open stairs and I figure that it was about time that he got on them because I wanted to nip a problem if there was one in the bud before he goes off to another family. I shouldn't have been worried because he went straight up and straight down. I was worried that he wouldn't want to go down them because he used to hate going down stairs when he was little and these stairs were different. But he didn't mind at all. Mary said that it was good for Tomales because he saw "the baby" (Rocco's the youngest in our group) going up and down without a problem. He baulked once while I was there and didn't do it again. We even drove around until we found a new set of open stairs that Tomales had never been to and guess what! Tomales didn't have any trouble at all on these new and different open stairs. He just flew up them and flew down them. I took a few videos of him because we were so proud. I really adore Tomales even though he's a little naughty and has the biggest head (figuratively speaking). :) He's so funny. Anyway, I am sharing the joy with you.

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