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Monday, July 5, 2010

Name Game Closed/List of Names

So, the name game is officially closed. With that said, I have a little bit of bad news. My dad and step-mom have decided that they aren't going to get a puppy from this litter. They're waiting until the litter of smaller labradoodles are born. So, I won't get to help out with the puppy and I probably won't be able to see her past week 1 or so. But, I'm still posting my favourite names and giving away two prizes. So, here is the list of my favourite names posted by you, the bloggers. how it's going to go is it's going to be one big list starting with the girl name then the boy name.

Aspen and Arrow, Blossom and Brutus, Clover and Caesar, Delilah and Digby, Esprit and Epic, Fable and Fritz, Gypsy and Guess, Haley and Hermes, Ivy and Ian, Jazzie and Jett, Klondike and Kermit, Lola and Lancelot, Mystic and Maestro, Nova and Noel, Opal and Onyx, Paisley and Patriot, Quebec and Quincy, Raven and Ranger, Spirit and Sherlock, Tofu and Titan, Utopia and Unagi, Vail and Vroom, Willow and Wrangler, Xena and Xerxes, Yvette and Yuma, Zelda and Zuni.

Great job everyone! I'm sure you were all excited like me because how many of us actually get to name our dogs? Haha! I was uber excited to help name this puppy because I've never named one of my dogs even though two of them were purchased and kept for me. But, I don't think that I'm going to have much say in it now. Oh well, one day I'll have a female breeder dog for GDB and I'll get to name other people's dogs. :) With that said I would like to announce those two lucky bloggers who got the prize!

Those two are....

Meghan with Picassa and Paris


Maddie with Betsy and Jorinda

Congratulations you two! The reason that I chose those two is because both of them posted on every single one of the name game posts. Meghan can also boast the most names in my favourite name list. Maddie was also my first follower on my newest blog. (if you haven't checked it out yet you should. http://scotlandforcollege.blogspot.com/ )

Here is what I want you guys to do. I want you to pick you favourite picture of both of your dogs. (Paris and Picassa for Meghan and Betsy and Jorinda for Maddie). Make sure that I can see their faces because otherwise there will be no point in sending me these pictures. Send them to my email address EllaBella2010@gmail.com and if you could send me your mailing address as well that would be great. If you are uncomfortable sending me your address and you're coming to the CA campus Fun Day, let me know and I'll bring the prizes with me. If you're not going to the CA Fun Day and you're uncomfortable giving me your address then, well...you can't have your prize. :)

Thanks Again for playing and Check back soon for an old fashioned GDB Name Game as I find out the litter assignment for my leaders new Golden.


  1. WOOHOO!! I noticed a lot of the names I suggested on your favorites list. :D YAY for a prize, I am excited. I'll have to look up my favorite pictures and get them too you. Thanks!!

  2. haha cool :) My 4th puppy's name was Maestro until someone dontated a lot of money to name him Mork. Looks like a good list to have for future reference!

  3. Wow, I must have missed some posts... I didn't even know you were doing a name game!
    Rats, I love name games :(
    I'd stopped by to let you know...
    YOU MADE IT IN THE TOP TEN for Rudy's giveaway :)

    Out of 137 entries - congrats, feel free to stop by Rudy's blog to learn more.

    Rudy's Raiser

  4. Yay :) I'm so excited! I'll send you a couple of pictures so you can pick out the best for whatever it is you are doing!


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