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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Alright everyone! Thanks to everyone who guessed on my name game! We made our goal of 100 comments! Thank you to The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster (I'm sorry, but at the moment I cannot remember your first name) for posting the 100th comment.
I bet you all are excited about learning the new puppy's name. I know we all were when they were doing the raffle and silent auction winners. We were all on pins and needles, but the time finally came for the new little guy. So, please welcome...

Oh wait! Before I do that, let me tell you something cool. Candie, my other leader, was the one who passed him off the Mary and Brenna. I think that's really cool that she was able to do that for them. What? Oh, yes...the name.

So, again, without further ado, please welcome to Puppies with a Plan...


Lance is International Breeding Consideration. Very cool! Now, I'm hoping he gets over to Scotland at their Guide Dogs for the Blind school so I can be his Breeder Keeper while I'm in college. :)

Anyway, you all made wonderful guesses, but only one person got it right. And that is...me! Lol! I did guess Lance as soon as I heard that he was an "L" puppy, but since it's Mary's puppy and she also guessed Lance I'm going to give the prize to her. Also, a big congrats to Meghan, Picassa, and Paris who correctly guessed the name of Lance's brother, LINK!

I'll have to think of a fitting prize for you Meghan, since you already have pictures of your two girls. As for Mary, she will receive a picture of her new little guy who is adorable and heavy. He was the biggest male. Oh! Biggest male! That reminds me Meghan and Mary both guessed largest male as well. But Lisa, Ellie, and Hosta and The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster also said largest male, so a drawing must be done. Give me one second....

It was a fair drawing done by not me, Brenna, Mary, Colorado, or Lance. :) But Mary said that since she's already getting a prize she's giving this one to Candie. So Candie is going to get a picture of Lyric. Lyric is a Smooth Coated Collie who was Kobe's (her other CC'd Collie) mom. Kobe was with GDB and made it all the way to 10, but he made it obvious that he didn't want to work. :)

Congrats to all and there will be more on little Lance as I am determined to steal him for a day before I leave.


  1. Ah man I wanted to guess Lance so bad but it was already taken!! That's my cousin's name!!!! :) He is way cute! I hope you had an amazing time at Fun Day!

  2. Lance is a really cute name :) Congrats!!! I am glad I could help make your 100 comments goal

  3. Lance is such a Chunk! He's apparently really sweet, but then again they didn't spend last night with him. We went on a ferry ride this afternoon and Lance couldn't go because he was too little. :) They might have a different view on him after tonight. By the way, I have your calender and will send it off probably tomorrow. Betsy is a cutie!

  4. I am so excited to see more pictures of him the next time you see him! I love the goldens and he looks so cute!!
    I can't wait to see the calendar! Thanks again for picking it up for me!


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