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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rocco's Genealogy

So, I've spent the afternoon looking up Rocco's genealogy. It's going to be a lot harder to get it all on here because I could go more in depth with Rocco because his parents are younger. I got a whole lot more. You know what else I found out? He's got Golden on both sides, but they were bred to labs and another golden never entered into the scene. But that might be why he has little itty bitty feathers and a long tail and long fur.

Alexander(Dark Gld)&Benyan(YLF)=Lena/ Ferris(BLM)&Jalisa(YLF)=Wallace/ Darien(YLM)&Natoma(YLF)=Hattie
Nagel(YLM)&Lena(YLGDX)=Karla/ Wallace(BLM)&Hattie(YLF)=Leona/ Roddy(YLM)&Pageant(YLF)=Faust
GEB's Niles(BLM)&Karla(BLF)=Buck / Leona(BLF)&Faust(YLM)=Dia
Kraft(YLM)&Mimi(YLF)=Ricotta / Les(YLM)&Dancer(YLF)=Astro / Archer(LightGld)&Louise(YLF)=Hannah
Tex(YLM)&Ricotta(YLF)=Tiburon / Astro(YLM)&Hannah(YLGLDXF)=Darcy
Atrus and Peach=Rocco
Do you know what all this mean?! Freya and Rocco are (distantly) related! Peach would be Belle's niece once removed. That's pretty cool. :)


  1. Astro was Harvard's dad so the wonderful boy is related to our Harvie too! Darcy's breeder keepers live down the street from my brother Doug! She's retired now.

  2. I knew there was a reason we liked him so much.

  3. HAHA! And not only is he raised by two Goldens he's at least 1/16 golden too. Oh dear.


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