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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Name Game: Y Names

So, my dad and step-mom have been talking about not getting the puppy until after Rocco is transferred. This is probably only be two to three weeks before I leave for school so I might not get to see the puppy at all. :( They might even wait for another litter of smaller labradoodles to be born. I'm really hoping that they don't wait until after I leave because I've been getting excited about have a new puppy around that I can play fetch with and doesn't have all the rules of a Guide Dog Puppy. That and I'm pretty sure that my leader had to convince the all mighty and knowing Jim that it would be alright if we got this new puppy while Rocco was still with us even though they are only 5 months apart, not the required 7 months. And I of course was worried that I wouldn't get to keep Rocco until I left and it just seems like there would have been a lot of fuss for nothing if they don't get one until October. But, seeing as we're at the last two letters of the alphabet we're going to continue with the name game. Honestly, I think they've thought about not getting the puppy until I'm gone because I have insisted that if I'm to potty train the thing (yes, they wanted to help potty train and obedience train the puppy while I was still around) I should get to help name it and they don't want to help name it...sorry, home politics. It's nothing to concern anyone but my own inner voice. On to the name game then?

Today's Letter: "Y"

Female Names:
1. Yiddish (if any of you end up with a GDB breeder female and her litter ends up with letter "Y" you must suggest this name)
2. Yolanda
3. Yollie
4. Yoga

Male Names:
1. YoYo
2. Yadael
3. Yale
4. Yagel


  1. Rocco is a starter puppy? I've never read about you transferring him before. Did I miss something? Sorry, I'm just curious.

    For names, I'm going to have to throw in a female idea of my own. Yvette. It's one of my best friends names, so I've grown to love it. Yve (or Eve) makes a great nickname. I like the name Yale for a boy. :)

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  3. Yoga and Yale. Yolo, Yvonne, Yolette, Yemi, Yukon, and Yuma.


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