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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Ear Infection

Rocco's got a bit of a yeast infection in his right ear. Last Wednesday when I was still at my mom's house I noticed that Rocco's right ear was all brown and funky. When I got home from puppy meeting Thursday night I cleaned out his ear and used THREE cotton balls. It was pretty disgusting. Since I clean my puppies' ears once a week I though this a little weird. So after our preschool talk on Monday I had Mary check his ears. They were pretty funky again even though he had just had his ears cleaned so she told me to take him in to the vet. While there we saw this dog who had a bad infection in both of his ears. He kept shaking his head and breaking my heart. Then we saw a purple poodle. The vet's office I'm going to for Rocco also does grooming and apparently someone wanted their poodle to be purple. :/ Anyway, when we went in he was weighed (a whopping 52.8 lbs) and the vet told him he was a handsome, big boy. :) Then they stuck one of those long cotton swabs in his ear and pulled out more brown goop. It was quite disgusting and this is coming from the girl who used to work at an animal shelter in the isolation unit. :0 So he's on drops twice a day for seven days. I feel so bad for him. He doesn't shake his head and hadn't the whole time, but any time I would touch his right ear in puppy handling he would flop his head to that side and rest it on my shoulder with this look that said "My ear hurts Momma." It breaks my heart. But for a lab it's pretty good that this is his first ear infection.

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