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Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 4th of July Adventure

So, 4th of July was pretty eventful for Rocco and me. Well, not so much in the beginning. We really didn't do much in the morning besides take our morning walk and lay around. Then I decided that we needed to stop being lazy so we went to the mall so I could get a new pair of earphones for my iPhone. Funny story really, I was visiting my brother and his girlfriend in Sweden and we all stayed at her parents' house and their cats had just had four kittens. The long and the short of it, the four kittens got underneath my mattress and ate my earphones. Anyway, Rocco does fantastic in the mall! Even around a lot of people he keeps his focus and isn't stressed at all. Most of the time he didn't need his Halti. After buying my earphones and something that I didn't intend to buy and probably didn't need we stopped buy the Disney store. Why did we do this? Can anyone guess? Yes! You're right! To try to find Woody and Jesse hats for Fun Day this year. Our quest was unsuccessful, so I'm turning to the Internet to get costumes for the both of us. :) After the mall my dad and step-mom said hey, let's go to the baseball game. So, I made sure that there weren't any fireworks until after the game. The lady on the other end of the phone said that there were no fireworks until right after the end of the 9th inning. Let me just say...that she was wrong.

Rocco and I just arrived at the park and parked. As we walked to the gate to meet my father who had my ticket I heard that John Bowker was receiving the player of the week award. So I'm hurrying with Rocco because I gotta see my player receive his award. All of a sudden a firework goes off. I was more scared than Rocco. He stopped for a second then looked up at me. I was so proud of him. So I thought that that would be the only one until the show and we'd be gone before then anyway. Not so much. After the national anthem was sung another two fireworks went off! I was so mad at the lady who told me there wouldn't be any fireworks until after the game! But, Rocco handled it amazingly well. He sat up, but he didn't try to bolt like he did when he first heard clapping. He just looked at me. I was so proud of him.

Well, he went through the game like he did the last. He attracted a lot of looks and loved all the attention. Then as we were getting ready to leave I went to go get the shirt that I was having made (with John Bowker's name and number on the back) but it wasn't done yet. So, we waited and waited and waited. When it was finally ready we ran out of the park and started over to the parking garage. But the street was blocked off! I had no idea they were going to start blocking off the street towards the parking garage. So I had to ask the guy who was guarding the police barricade where we had to go. It turns out that we had to go all the way around the park. So we ran. Unfortunately we didn't get the garage before the fireworks started going off. He was interested in the noise, but not so much scared. Like I said before I was more scared than he was...I have dog hearing (no joke, it's diagnosed). He looked at me for food and kept his pace steady. I couldn't have been more proud of him! The only thing I'm still mad about is that if that guy had let me through the roped off section that was a safety precaution for the fireworks we would have been in my car headed home way before they started.

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