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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Furminator

Does anyone else use the terminator voice when they say that? I do. :) Anyway, I finally broke down and bought a furminator. Well, my dad bought it, but I found it. It's one of the most amazing things I have ever encountered. I removed a whole bag of fur from Arwen in 30 minutes. And you know the best part? I didn't have to get pricked by those bristles as I tried to remove the fur from the brush. It has this handy little fur extractor. I'm in love with it. I got a pile, not as impressive as Arwen's pile, of Rocco fur too. Pictures you ask? Of course!

Here's Arwen before her Furminatoring.

Arwen during the Furminatoring. She LOVES to be brushed.

Rocco's not so impressive pile of fur.

That massive thing in the lower left hand corner is the pile of fur from Arwen.

Luke tried to attack the fur.


  1. I adore my furminator! Ely is blowing his coat right now, so it is a wonderful thing to have. I have also notice that most dogs, even those who hate being brushed don’t mind getting brushed with the furminator. Happy brushing!

  2. Oh my, that sure is a lot of fur! Every week, I like to use the Zoom Groom on Cabana, then follow it with the Furminator. I feel that the two tools remove different kinds of fur, so that I'm covering all the bases.

  3. Arwen is the furriest dog I know. I've had golden retrievers all my life, but Arwen takes the prize as the heaviest shedder.

  4. I'm visiting my aunt this weekend. She pulled out her dog brush to groom her 6-year-old black lab Lucky. I offered to let her use Kyle's furminator, but she assured me that her brush worked great. After watching the pathetic brush do practically nothing for a few minutes, I got the furminator, sat on Lucky's other side, and just started brushing him. Within seconds, she was sold. This makes family member #5 that is getting a furminator at my convincing. :)

    The best part is that Lucky has a beautifully shiny coat now. He loved all the special treatment!


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