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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun Day/Answer

Well, Fun Day on the California campus is almost here! YAY! I absolutely loved Fun Day last year. I got to meet Belle for the first time and Freeway. I love meeting up with all the littermates that are able to come. I'm hoping that Romy's raiser (who also raised Mama Peach) will find her way down. But she's a long way away so I'm a little doubtful. Anywho, this year's theme is Western. How much fun! I'm originally from Texas so I was really excited when I heard the theme. Anyone know where I can find a cowboy hat for Rocco?

As I am a curious person, how many of you are planning on attending this year? I'd love to be able to meet some of you and your puppies in person. Also, is anyone planning on doing a "follow the trainer" before hand? I'm doing mine the Friday morning before Fun Day.

I had a very interesting question on one of my Name Game posts that made me realize that not all of you have been following me since day 1 and to find the answer to this question you'd have to go all the way back to March...or February. I can't remember when I started this blog. But that would take a lot of time because I post A LOT. The question was: Is Rocco a Started Puppy? Question asked by Amanda who is raising Kyle who happens to be a littermate to Kendrick who (how many times can I say "who" in a sentence?) is in my group. Pop over to her blog Snips and Snails A Puppy Dog's Tail (still working on the link thing).

Answer: Yes, Rocco is a starter puppy and No, Rocco is not a starter puppy. I consider starter puppies to be those puppies who are in the raiser's home from 2 months to 4 months of age. So, this is rather confusing so bear with me. When Freya was recalled I was asked by the all mighty and powerful Jim if I wanted to start a Golden Lab Mix in February. This would mean picking up the puppy when I dropped Freya off. I was all for it (I love Goldens) but my dad was not so for it. I knew I didn't have time to do a full puppy because I was definitely going away for school (as it turns out there was about 2 months when I thought I was staying in town and could finish a puppy). It took a lot of convincing because my dad doesn't think I can really do anything with a puppy. Meaning that I would have time with my friends before I go off to school, but that's totally wrong because I've gone hiking and done game days with him and I have had a total blast this summer with him. Anyway, my leader said she would co-raise him with me until I left if that would change my dad's mind (he thought he would be with her most of the time and I just let him think that ;) ). I was originally going to get a puppy at the end of April but with the influx of puppies with not enough raisers we were asked to take an older puppy sooner. Thus we were assigned to Rocco. I got him at almost 13 weeks. Anyway, my leader said that she might finish him if she liked him enough when I left because her puppy, Colorado, is going to be leaving about the time I am. But she's decided to get a Fun Day Golden Retriever (another reason I'm totally stoked for Fun Day! Our club is getting a Fun Day Puppy). Yes, I'm pretty sure to whom he is going, but I'm not saying anything until it's all finalized. I don't want to jinx it. :) Let me just say that if he goes to my first choice I'll be over the moon! If he goes to my second choice I'll be happy. Anywho, I hope that answers your question.

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  1. Don and I are SO excited for Fun Day! I was planning on doing to follow the trainer, too, but haven't arranged anything yet. I've always wanted to watch harness training.

    I'm off to read your name game posts! (Don and I have gotten a bit behind in blogging lately)


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