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Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, our drive was long but we're hear.

I was a little crazy trying to pack my little mini cooper with two crates and a puppy and two bags and a computer bag. But I managed. Rocco got to sit in the passenger leg room. He never gets to do this but I think he really enjoyed it. He gets direct air conditioning there. When we first set off I realized I had forgotten my curling iron (I have short, curly hair and I forgot my straightener in LA), but I was only down the street so that was no problem. Then, when I was all the was to Merced I realized I had forgotten something else; the Pictures! That's right, I forgot the pictures for Meghan (Picassa and Paris) (also check out her other blog So Perfectly Paris), Dottie (Zack), and for Ken and Nancy (Falla, Freeway, and Freya)! But, never you fear! One of my leaders is coming up tomorrow and she's agreed to pick them up from my dad on her way out of town tomorrow. I love my group! Besides all that drama nothing else but traffic happened. It was a pretty boring drive, but Rocco did great!

I'm totally ready for Follow the Trainer tomorrow! Poor Rocco has to board at GDB, but then he gets to come back and play with Amici!

By the way guys, the Name Game closes tomorrow at midnight. We're only 2 comments away from my goal so keep those guesses coming. Added to my board at home in the past few days are Laird, Larse, Lando, Lathrop, Livermore, Labrador (wouldn't that be funny?), Leandro, and Lockjaw.

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