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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Figure 8 Head Collar

So, since I'm picking up Amici from the kennels up at GDB after my "Follow a Trainer" walk, I went home from the Jelly Bell Fun Day with all of his stuff. This includes his leash, jacket, and figure 8 head collar. Amici is in a figure 8 because he would dive to the ground when he was little when he was wearing a halti. It was really adorable! But apparently it was a "no no" so he was switched to this figure 8 and he seems to really like it. Well, Rocco has decided that he wants to pull a lot on his halti. My hands have been hurting and he's not stopping his continuous pulling despite the sideways corrections. I don't know how this is worse than Freya, but it kind of is. It's like he really lunges or something and it just feels weird on my hand and I feel bad because I'm giving him really, really firm corrections in his halti. So, I tried the figure 8 on him while I have it. It was mostly because I needed to figure out how to put the thing on a dog (it's a little confusing at first), but I realized that he didn't squirm like he generally did when I tired to put the halti on him. So I let him keep it on the rest of the day. He seemed to be so much more responsive to the figure 8 than to the halti. Haha! Maybe it was my imagination. Or it could have been because his jacket was on. I might put it on him for his morning walk just to see.

Less than a week until Fun Day!!!!!!


  1. The figure 8 is a good name for that collar. The GDB trainer that lives in our neighborhood calls it an EZ leash--but I agree with you, it's not always that EZ to get on, so it's good that you're practicing. I really like it for Cabana, too. But sometimes, dogs improve with a new tool just because it's new, then go back to their old habits after they get used to it. It will be interesting to see if the new behavior "sticks" with Rocco.

  2. I prefer the Gentle Leader to the Halti. I use it strickly on Ellie now. She likes the feel of it better than the Halti too! Good luck!


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