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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Look Alikes

Rocco and I have been relaxing the past few days. We've been playing educational games like Hide-n-Seek and Go To Bed. And when the temperature was 95 and under we would go outside and play in the kiddie pool. While we were relaxing I found myself really bored. So I looked online and found these pictures of Peach.

This is Peach.

This is Rocco.

I really think they look alike. And they are the same colour.

Look at the stripe down Peach's back and the way she becomes white and you move down towards her legs.

Now, look at Rocco's stripe and the different colours. Look at the dark colour on their legs. They have the same dark orange-ish colour at the back of their hind legs.

Then I found this picture of Rockford who is a Samuel and Sarita pup.


Compare it to this picture of Rocco.

I definitely think that Rocco looks more like his mom, Peach, than his dad, Atrus.

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