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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Have I said recently how happy I am with GDB? I love that they found the perfect match for Freya and for myself. I couldn't have asked for a better person for her and I think if I had tried to match her myself I wouldn't have done half as good of a job. Here are some recent pictures of Freya that he has sent to me.

Here she is wearing the DAV (Disabled American Vet) hat. She attends monthly meeting with her partner so I suppose she's a member too. :)
I love this one. She's always been interested in statues and she's sniffing the dog statue's rear end! I find that really funny.
She actually went through a month long phase where she was scared of statues of people. Not of anything else, but people. We worked though that.

It's good to know that she hasn't changed much. Besides from being a bit more focused now she's still seems like the same curious dog I raised and dropped of in February. You know, I recently found out that there was about two days after I had already been told she would be on February recall that they were considering pushing her recall back a month. At first I was little sad because I could have had her until March and she probably would have graduated with Falla and Freeway on the June 19th Graduation. But then I remember that she probably wouldn't have been paired with Mr. L and I think it's one of the best matches GDB has made so it doesn't bother me anymore.


  1. Aw - such a neat placement and what awesome photos!

  2. Her partner seems really nice! It must be great knowing that she is living an awesome life and having so much fun! I love those pictures, especially that first one of her in the hat.


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