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Friday, July 16, 2010

My List

Hey all! I know that I'm getting really excited about the upcoming Fun Day and I hope that all of you who are able to attend are getting ramped up as well. What I'm very excited about this year is the presentation of Mr.L. He will be (unless I am mistaken) PWAP's first Fun Day puppy (unless you count Royalty who was presented at the last Fun Day, but at that time we had no idea that she would come to us). You guys are doing a great job with the Name Game and I thought you might like to see my list of L Names. I tried to list them in order from most wanted to least, but there are a few that are out of order.

(Lance, Latrell, Lancelot, Lloyd, Lancaster, Laughter, Leader, Lyons, Leo, Lionel, Louis, Lewis, Lebec, Loden, Lester, London, Lucius, Lexington, Lexmar, Larry, Lenny, Leon, Lorenzo, Landmark, Lotto, Lemon, Lime)

I also have a list of girls names going for his sisters, but they aren't important enough for the board. :) Here they are: Lindsay, Lorraine, Lulu, Lorie, Layla, Lila, Lilac, Lassie, Louise, Lapis, Lois, Labour, Leeka, Lor, Lorelei, Lavender, and Lady.


  1. Hi Erin,
    He'll be PWAP's 4th Fun Day Puppy! First was Trumpet a male golden (CC'd), 2nd was Feather a female black lab (Guide), 3rd was Crenshaw a male black lab (guide) and now Mr. L!!!

  2. See I had totally forgot that Crenshaw was a Fun Day pup. :) But 2/3 of those pups are Guides now so maybe that will be a good thing for Mr. L!

  3. You CAN'T really want a dog named Laughter?! Heaven help you!

  4. I think Laughter is a great name! Especially for a Guide Dog. Then a little Laughter could be brought into someone's life. ;)

  5. He's bound to create a lot of laughter when you tell people his name!!


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