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Friday, July 23, 2010

Jelly Belly Fun Day!

Today was Jelly Belly Fun Day in Fairfield, California. I have to say I've been looking forward to this for a while. I'm not a big fan of Jelly Bellies in general because I just don't really like chewy candies, but every once in a while I will indulge in them. But I didn't buy any Jelly Bellies, I bought fudge. :) Anyway, Rocco and I had to get up really early this morning because we had to leave at 6:30 in the morning. So, sleepy eyed and slow of feet we headed over to Mary's house where Candy was picking all of us up. We had three dogs and six people in the car. When we got there we went through all the different obstacles. We listened to a trumpeter play and Rocco wasn't really distracted. YAY! We went over different surfaces which has never bothered Rocco and there was a puppy pool which I let Rocco enjoy as long as he didn't get his ears wet. What really distracted him though was the basket ball at the toy section. Then we went on the factory tour which was a really good socialization place. There were lots of noises and people. Rocco, Colorado, and Amici did really well. Then we basically hung around until the silent auction was closed. Candy won a Jelly Belly basket and a basket full of Guide Dog stuff. She gave me the licence plate holder. :) But do you know what else happened? I met Ricki and Aime of Growing Up Guide Pup. You guys watch Growing Up Guide Pup right? No!? Well then click here for the Growing Up Guide Pup facebook page. If you're not on facebook then search Growing Up Guide Pup on YouTube. It's really amazing and Ricki is tiny! She looks bigger on screen. :) Some pictures for you.
Rocco in the car at 7:00am. You can tell he's tired.
Rocco and Amici got the back. They were really excited to see each other.
But they did settle down eventually.
All Three boys, Rocco, Colorado, and Amici licking each other. Boys are gross.
Rocco and Amici really like each other. I'm really happy I get to keep him for a night during Fun Day next week.
This is Candy's little niece. Rocco really likes her!

So, I accidentally forgot to flip this one. We all had to wear hats during the tour. Colorado didn't really like his hat. :)
Here's a few pictures of Rocco and Amici before we dropped Amici off.
One would look and the other would look away. Oh those Boys!
Hey! Recognize the dog on the left? You should if you follow Lauren and Don's blog. That's Don! Apparently that's who was taking Amici up to Guide Dogs for us. :) He's such a pretty boy.

After Amici left us we basically stayed up in the Guide Dog room.
Rocco and Colorado are so good together.
Well, sometimes they're good.

There's Rocco. Behind him is Colorado and a yellow lab named Nira. I really liked her.
This little cutie pie is Lita. She was a sweetie!

On the way home Rocco and Colorado were so tired.
Brotherly love huh?

They woke up when we stopped for gas.
Rocco's big brother Colorado is so good to him.
Well, most of the time anyway.

Anyway, that was our day. Do you know what today is by the way? No, not just my half birthday, but thanks for remembering. Today signals ONE WEEK until the Name Game closes! Keep those guesses coming! You've all come up with some great ones!


  1. I was SO bummed when I figured out it was on a Friday! Who's bright idea was that?!?! It it was happening tomorrow, we would totally have been there! Oh well. We will go to IKEA instead :)

  2. It was nice meeting you and Rocco! He is such a handsome boy. It was a fun event- and great socialization for the dogs.

    Aw- those are such cute pictures of the boys sleeping on the way home. I love the picture of Colorado with the Jelly Belly hat on. Amici and Don had fun hanging out together. Amici found Don's wishbone in the car and was so happy. Amici is very sweet and cuddly- it was a fun car ride!

    When we dropped Amici off I saw Pebbles' golden litter- they are SO SO SO incredibly adorable! :)

    Happy half birthday :)

  3. Sounds like a great time! And that you got to meet some cool people and dogs! :D Way to go Rocco for being so good!

  4. The reason it was on Friday was because if they had it today the facotry would have been closed and there wouldn't have been a lot of people and there wouldn't have been a working factory to take the dogs through. :)

  5. Lauren, I'm glad Amici was good for you. He's such a sweet heart. He's so easy and relaxed. I absolutely love him.

  6. What a fun event! I love the Jelly Belly factory, although sometimes I think it smells a little too strong in there. The photos of Rocco and Colorado together are so sweet.

  7. We were going to go, but didn't work out. It looked like it was a lot fun. Do you know who Colorado's father is? Just curious because Tenaya is a donated dog and she is littermateless at fun day but there is hope because her father is GDF Mazel sooo just wondering?

  8. He is a Garcelle and CCI's Zorba puppy. BUT! The puppy that they are getting on Fun Day, the one that the Name Game is about, is a GDF's Mazel and Pebbles puppy. Listen for an L male golden and that's hers!


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