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Friday, July 9, 2010

Pictures from Last Night

Here are some pictures from last night. I didn't take a whole bunch because I didn't want to interrupt the speaking and what not. I also didn't get any good pictures of her Guide, Keebler, and her late husband's now retired Guide Latrel. Latrel, for those of you who follow my name game, is my number 1 choice for a name. :)
Our good boy Winston. He did so good the whole time.
Mr. Kendrick. He's such a sweet boy! And he got big!
Who would have guessed that this little guy...
Would turn into this moose of a dog!?

Tomales being a good boy.
Tomales and Rockford having a little fun before settling down.
Amici! I love this boy!
We tried to get Amici to smile but he needed a little help.
Does anybody else's dog lay like this? Colorado loves it!


  1. Yes, my Golden Tenaya lies that way all the time. I hear it's a golden thing. Every time we go out somewhere we get a crowd of people laughing at her.

  2. For some reason I cannot post comments on your blog, but I have a mini too and I can fit two pups in training and 3 people not including me in it. :) Sometimes it's my puppy, my 85 lbs golden retriever and two people. :)

  3. Ha I wonder what the problem is.... I have been wondering if anyone actual looks at that thing. Well thanks for letting me know.

    The Mini came a few months before I started GD's so I work with what I got. We get Our Great Dane, Two Labs, Our Golden and french bull dog all in there at times depending on who we are dog sitting for. Oh yeah and two people and a ton of dog hair.......... I think I got the comment thing worked out now.


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