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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun Day Preparations

Yesterday Rocco and I had a pretty busy day preparing for Fun Day. Since we're leaving early this afternoon we wanted to make sure that everything was prepared the day before. This included taking Rocco to his first Full Service Car Wash. He's been to the outside car wash but he's never gone with me to get the inside of my car cleaned...mostly because I've never had the inside of my car cleaned. But I thought it was about time that I did because there was dog kibble in between the seats and some dried beans from our group's Fun Day last May. That, and I have black seats and it was like a sea of white dog fur in the back. So, we sat there watching them struggle to get the fur all out and Rocco had his goughnut to keep him occupied. Well, he likes to throw his toys and his toys and he accidentally shot it out into the area where the cars were being cleaned. Luckily a nice, young man (I'm wondering if Rocco did this on purpose to give me a fighting chase at flirting with him, he's a great conversation starter and he always seems to be naughty just when there's an attractive guy that I would like to talk to walking around) reached under the car he was working on and got it for him. As soon as our car was finished I threw a blanket in the back seat so now Jude (that's my car) is protected from the worst of dog fur.

Besides that I had a hair appointment. Rocco loves my hair Salon mostly because everyone in the salon loves my puppies. Freya would get all excited when she saw that we were heading to Salon D because she knew that the rules were out the window and she would greet my hair stylist and flop to the ground for a belly rub. My hair stylist even said that my puppies could come in without their jackets some time. I haven't done that yet because I want them to behave which I'm sure they wouldn't as some one started to pet them if their jacket was off.

Then he came with me to pick up the pictures for Meghan and Maddie. They look amazing guys! I also picked up my own pictures that I had ordered before my contest. :) I love the one of Rocco.

That was pretty much out day, but of course, no day is complete without baseball. So we went to a game last night.

Can you guess where are seats were?
That's right! Front row!
You know you're jealous.

It was a pretty slow game, but that really didn't matter to me because we were literally right in front of the players as they warmed up. They were so close I could have touched them. So imagine this. Nice looking, athletic, muscular young men stretching and running right in front of me. Was I happy? You bet you're boots I was! That, and there were a few times John Bowker was less than a foot away from me. It was a good night. And Rocco was quite the trooper. We ended up going into over time at 10:00 and he hadn't had his dinner yet. So I made the decision to leave after the 9th. But we won! 2-1! YAY GRIZZLES!
Today, before I head off to yoga class, I'm going to give him a short, simple bath just to get the night's grime off of him. I want him to be extra pretty for Fun Day. Then when I get back I'm going to load up the car and head out. Hope to see you guys there!

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