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Friday, July 16, 2010

Pictues from Mom's House and Last Night's Meeting

My brother, mother, Rocco, and I all went to Huntington Gardens on Wednesday. I know we go to a lot of Garden type things, but I really enjoy them. They're fun and they're a great place to train the dogs. They're are kids running around and different flowers that they have to ignore. Huntington is great because it also has a tea room that serves "High Tea." It's a bit expensive, but my mother, brother, and I are not in the same place more often than not so we took this opportunity to have tea and scones together and those little finger sandwiches. Rocco also was able to cool down and sleep. Anyway, here are some picture from the gardens.

This was in the Chinese Garden. It has a lot of cool bridges around and I took the opportunity to practice his stay.
Next to a fish statue that ends a really long bridge.
A closeup of my boy on one of the bridges. He's so good.
As we were heading back to the entrance and the gift shop (I really like their gift shop because it's more of a bookstore. They had the complete works or Jane Austen in one volume, but I didn't get it) I say these pretty flowers outside the Chinese Garden.
Isn't he just the most handsome boy you've ever seen?
He poses so well. This was in the Bonsai Court where they have the most amazing Bonsai trees.
Another great bonsai tree. He actually tried to climb over the fence to get to it. :/
That, behind him, is actually a bonsai tree. It is an olive bonsai tree. They're my favourite.
There he is in the Tea Room after a big drink. Funny story: My brother forgot his sunglasses in the waiting room and our waitress brought them to us and I forgot Rocco's portable water dish on the table as we left and she ran out the door to give it to me. My mom laughed at both of us for our scatter brains and just as she finished scolding me our waitress ran out with her hand sanitizer that she had left on the table. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
You see that stroller? There is a great kids garden (it has jumping fountains that Rocco was completely in love with. I have a video, but my computer won't let me load them onto blogger) and Rocco made a lot of kiddie friends. He even went between a lady's leg to get to her baby. I was so embarrassed.
I love his tongue.
I have another picture of him just like this when he was 13 weeks old in my backyard.
My favourite picture of the day!
Ok, now that the Gardens are over I have a game for you all. You remember that I told you that the blow up mattress that I slept on the first night deflated all the way to the ground? Well, Rocco loved it! Even when it was completely deflated. So here is the game. It's called FIND THE PUPPY.
Did you find the puppy everytime? He just blended in so well with the sheets I was using.
There were a few times that we had all four people in the car and it was hard to get Rocco on the set in the back or on the floor behind the seats. So, since my mom and a forester, he was put in the back.
He wasn't too happy about being left back there for two car rides.
Now let me show you pictures of last night's puppy meeting. We had a small meeting because Royalty is boarding up at Guide Dogs because she went into heat again, Amici is at a sitters house because his family is out of town, and of course Townsend doesn't have to come anymore.

Tomales. He's such a cute dog.

Kendrick. He's such a good boy!
He's so big. He got switched to an X-Large jacket last night so that Rocco could get a Large.

My Rocco. He's so good and so adorable.

Rockford. He's such a happy boy and he's silly. Right now he's got puppy pimples.

I had a good picture of Colorado, but I accidentally erased it and I really don't want to load it again.
Only 2 weeks before Fun Day and the Name Game closes. So don't forget to guess the name of our new Golden Retriever and remember to guess if we're getting the largest or smallest male of the group.


  1. Great pictures of Rocco. Your favorite was my favorite too. He really is a good looking puppy.

    The pictures of Kendrick blew me away. He doesn't look anything like Kyle. I never would have thought they are brothers. The only thing I can see in common is the way they both raise their right eyebrow. It makes me laugh whenever Kyle does it.

    I thought Kyle was getting big, but he is still in a medium jacket and his puppy collar. Kendrick is huge! Have you seen pictures of Kermit? Kermit and Kyle look a lot more like littermates. Weird!

  2. Kendrick is giant! I mean he's a moose and I'm pretty sure he was the smallest male in the litter. He just switched over to his big boy collar. I'm glad Meghan is taking Kyle to Fun Day because I'm pretty sure J is bringing Kendrick and I want a picture of both of them next to each other.

  3. I love Kendrick's giant ears. His facial expressions make him look like a big softy. I hope Kyle and Kendrick get together so that Megan can get a picture of them for me. Maybe she will see some of the other littermates as well. Kendrick and Kermit are the only two of Kyle's littermates that I have found. That leaves four missing in action.

  4. Wow- Kendrick is a moose!! He's HUGE.

    I love the "Find the Puppy". That looks so comfy, Rocco! Don is jealous :)

    What a great outing with fantastic photos! I love that first one of him on the bridge. Looks like he's doing really well with the stay command.

  5. Amanda, I know they have a brother named Kearny but I'm not sure of any of their sisters' names. Lauren, Rocco is doing very well with his "stay". But there are times like when I'm fixing a meal for him and I don't want him following me that he still doesn't quite get it. ;)

  6. The litter had 6 MYL and 1 FYL. The last two brothers are Keifer and Keegan. The only sister is Kaya. I just don't know where they are being raised or how they are doing.

    Have you met Kearney?

  7. Ahhh, those are GREAT photos! Rockford looks like the yellow version of Rafferty! Hope they can meet up at Funday. Thanks again for sending over those pictures of Samuel. He is one GORGEOUS dog. I see where Rafferty gets his head from. Aren't littermate pictures fun?

  8. Rockford and his raisers aren't able to make it this year. I was bummed. I'm still trying to convince them to let me steal Rockford for the weekend so they can have pictures. :)

  9. Kearny was on the puppy truck with Kendrick so yes, but we aren't close. ;)


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