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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dog Toys

For those of you who went to the Jelly Belly Fun Day you'll recognize these felt toys. I decided to make a whole bunch the other day. So I went to the fabric store and bought 3 ft of four different kinds of felt. I got a green, purple, white with dog paws, and blue with dogs paws and bones. All you do is braid them together. The Solano county puppy group is donating the bag that was made by puppy raisers and interested parties to the GDB puppy kennels. And since I have more than enough I might do the same. Except I'll donate them to a local shelter so the unfortunate puppies have something fun to play with.

Anyway, I've been experimenting with different kinds of toys. I did the simple braided version. Then I did a braided version with a knot in the middle too. I tried using all four fabrics but it didn't go quite as planned. Then, when I ran out of three different colours I just tied a whole bunch of knots in two strips.

Rocco stole one off the couch as I was making them and since he's older than 4 months he's really not supposed to have felt toys. BUT! He doesn't chew them or shred them or anything. He pushes them around with his nose and throws them up in the air and runs with them in his mouth. So, I'm not going to take them away. The reason I started making these was because of the new puppy for Mary and my parents' new puppy. So I'll keep a few here, give a few to Mary for the puppy, and donate most of them to shelters and breeders. Whatever I have left I'm going to give to my group so that when anyone in the group gets a new puppy they'll have a toy to start off with.

Here's what they look like.
That one is Arwen's. I gave her one because she likes to carry things around in her mouth. She's loves it. You can see Rocco trying to steal it from her.
I have a lot of pictures of them playing with one, but I chose the ones where Rocco has a funny expression. That's the one that has all the knots in it.
I love this picture of Rocco.
It seems like Rocco really isn't sure how to hang on to these. He's almost gumming them.
I think his ears look so funny here. :)


  1. They're cute, and it looks like the dogs are definitely enjoying them!! I think you're actually using polar fleece, not felt, right? I've made some similar braided pull toys for Cabana out of heavy cotton canvas, which is a much sturdier fabric than fleece and doesn't have as much stretch/give to it.

  2. Yeah, it's fleece. :) I thought about buying some different, studier fabric for Arwen and Rocco, but Arwen really likes the fleece. She thinks it's her own stuffed animal and I'll do anything to keep her from carrying around mine. ;) I still might do it though.

  3. Those are really cool! I might have to make one for little Jojo! But I better get on it soon, she isn't going to be little for long!

  4. I'll send one along when I send you're calender and pictures.

  5. You don't have to do that, You made them to donate to shelters, not to Jorinda!


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