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Monday, July 19, 2010


A big thank you to Amanda and Kyle who taught me how to look up my puppy's genealogy. I have spent this morning looking up Freya's Genealogy. Did you know that Freya is also Mesa's Great-Great Niece? Maddie was Mesa sister, Maddie's daughter was Vail, Vail's son is Dylan, and Dylan is Freya's father. Small world huh?

Braemar Brando(BLM) and Jaylene(YLF)=Maddie
Sprig(YLM) and Julianne(BLF)=Thompson Drifter(BLM) and Maddie(BLF)=Vail
Thompson(BLM) and Vail(BLF)=Dylan

Ferris(BLM) and Jalisa(YLF)=Wallace / Darien(YLM) and Natoma(YLF)=Hattie
Nagel(YLM) and Regent(BLF)=Flannery Wallace(BLM) and Hattie(YLF)=Lenoa
Flannery(BLM) and Leona(BLF)=Belle
Dylan(BLM) and Belle(BLF)=Freya(BLF)


  1. I'm glad you figured everything out. It's fun seeing descendants from Mesa's line since I raised him over ten years ago. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I love looking that stuff up!

    You were wondering about my puppy club. I'm with the Mt. Tam Guide Dogs club (Marin County, Ca). I've been putting a website together for the club this week, but its not quite finished. Last night I got carried away looking up all the siblings of pups in my club :) I'll let you know when the website is up and running and give you the link. I'm just waiting to get pictures of all the pups!

  3. Very cool - it's a ton of fun to do too!

  4. Freya is related to Lunar! Lunar is a Wallace pup.


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