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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy Day and a Letter from Freya

So, Rocco had a busy day today. He went to his first dentist appointment (for me, not for him) and let me just say that his behavior was less than exemplary. I think he's finally entered that dreaded phase. I call it the rebellious teenager phase. Freya went through it too. It's where my puppies (an I'm sure all of yours too) push their limits to the max. Today at the dentist it was "how many time can I make Momma get up and put me back in a down/stay". Unfortunately for me I just sent in his monthly phase report saying that he was getting better at settling and staying still when on outings that require him to. Seriously though I had to put him back into down about 7 times at the beginning and another 2 when I was rinsing polish out of my mouth and then swishing fluoride. Of course the people at the dentist's office are used to Freya who would stay down on outings as long as you wanted her to. That dog was 9 weeks old when we took her to her first restaurant and she didn't move once.

Anyway, speaking of Freya. When we got home from our errands (where Rocco once again behaved badly) my dad was getting mail. I came in and he was sorting through it and I saw a big manila envelope with my name on it. I never get stuff like this so I was so excited. I was even more excited when I saw that it was from Mr. L and Freya. I opened it and it was a CD of pictures. His wife's brother took a whole bunch of pictures at graduation. I'm really excited. So excited that I might even go get my CD drive fixed. :)

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  1. YAY on the present from Freya and partner! My first pup Runza was the EXACT same way in the dentist. Hosta's in that dreaded teen stage too. UGH. Good luck!

  2. I schure du hope ur nu puppee getz az well mannured az ur furst puppee. Dat furst puppee schure muztav been speeshal and smaart.


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