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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Large!?

That's right everyone! Rocco is in a Large jacket! At less than 6 months old! It's not like the sprung this on me at a random meeting. You know the day when the horrible truth come out, "He's to big for the medium!" I asked for it. Why? Because it was time. I hate to admit it...but he's big. The medium is still able to fit on his underbelly, but his long legs just look even more long in it. In the large, he looks smaller. So, I'll just pretend that it's a small jacket and I'll be fine. :(

See how good this one fits? Freya wasn't in a large until 9 months or later. I mean the only reason I put her in her big girl collar (at almost 10 months) was because she had been fixed and if she was fixed she was a big girl. The collar didn't fit though. :) Rocco might be in his new collar for Fun Day.


  1. That's the large jacket? It actually looks a bit small on him! And I think it's time for his new collar NOW!! He's a moose. ;)

  2. I didn't realize how young Rocco is- he's huge!

  3. I can still fit three fingers in between the collar and his skin so I'm gonna wait. :) Yes, Rocco is giant. I wish I kept a weight tracker. His first Vet visit at 12 weeks he was almost 30 lbs.
    Now he's over 50 lbs. Crazy right? When we went to pick Rocky and him up they asked if we were there to get the "R" boys and we said yes. Then they said, "Thank God!" Apparently Rocco and Rocky were too big to play with the other puppies. :)


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