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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guide Dog Talk at Private School

I give talks all the time abut my job as a puppy raiser. Most of the time it is out on the street when some random person asks me about my dog or some little kid it really interested in Rocco (previously Freya) or any other puppy I happen to have at that time. But sometimes they are scheduled events. Right after Freya left and before I knew what litter I was getting from I took Royalty down to my mom's house in Burbank (Royalty is actually the reason why I wanted an Atrus and Peach puppy. Before I knew that we were actually get an Atrus/Peach puppy I was hoping for one because he would be related to Royalty). I went with her to school one day (she teaches Spanish at a Private school which, contrary to popular belief, does not pay any better than a normal school) and took Royalty. I made my rounds to most of the younger grades. I went to two kindergarten classes, two second grade classes, a third grade class, and a fifth grade class. I told them what my job was when the puppies are with me and how important it is for them to not disturb a working dog. It was fun and I think Royalty had a good time. Anyway, tomorrow my group is giving a talk at one of the local private schools and I'm trying to get Rocco ready. I'm going to give him a bath and brush him and make sure he looks pretty.

I have a question for you guys. It's about time that he is put into his Big Boy collar. I've tried it on him and it fits and it would be easier for me to give him a solid correction with the Big Boy collar than the puppy collar. Right now the corrections made with the puppy collar don't do much. I was planning on putting it on him on Tuesday when he is 6 months old or, at least the day before Fun Day at the latest. I'm not sure I'm ready to do it, but should I put it on him a day early and get it over with so he looks grown up for the private school talk?

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  1. I understand your reluctance to change collars. Kyle will be 8 months this week, and I still have him in his puppy collar.

    I don't think anyone at the private school will notice the difference, so I vote you make the switch on an important day, like his six-month-mark. :)

    It's about time I see if Kyle's big boy collar fits so that he can make the switch. They grow up so fast!


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