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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


You all know that Rocco and I are helping Mary and Colorado out with Darwin and his partner while her care taker is away right? Well, yesterday Rocco and I headed over there so I could clean her kitty's litter box and let Rocco and Darwin play. Darwin really had no interest in playing with Rocco because Rocco is "just one of the puppies." But Rocco thoroughly enjoyed pulling all of Darwin's toys out of the toy basket and throwing them around. He even put the toy he was finished with away before getting a new one. No joke! He would put the toy back in the basket or right by the basket before he started to play with another one. I thought that was pretty cool and Darwin's partner seemed to think it was so funny. Well...you may not know this but Rocco isn't the best dog when it comes to cats. I mean, Jim gave me permission to use the citronella collar when he even looks at my cats because it stops him from chasing them. So when Miracle came around the corner and Rocco saw her...well he went a little nuts. He chased her through the house and all you could see as I watched on in horror as my puppy misbehaved himself was poor Miracle leaping from the bedroom, pouncing off the wall with all four paws, and running straight up the couch. I really couldn't believe it and I was soooooo embarrassed. But Darwin's partner thought it was absolutely hilarious. She told Rocco that Darwin would have to teach him some manners one of these days and that if he was to be a Guide Dog he had to be nice to kitties. Oh, Rocco. To say the least I was mortified. Miracle is going to be pushed into an early grave because of my puppy.

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  1. That's so cute how he put all his toys away. What a tidy boy!

    Don was in a house for a cat for the first time last weekend, but once he realized the kitty didn't want to play, he kept his distance- for the most part :)


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